Advanced Materials to Combat Climate Change

Tiny powerhouse materials to clean up our water, air and land.

We are screwed.

Snap out of it. Yes, you!

There is hope.

Artificial Photosynthesis:

Let’s call it AP.


Basic concepts of CO2 reduction:

Electrochemical (EC) reduction of CO2:

Metallic Nanostructure

Silver (Ag) Nanostructure

Different shapes of silver nanostructures.

Gold (Au) Nanostructure

Various gold nanostructures

Star of the show: Copper (Cu) Nanostructure

Copper Nanostructures

Other really COOL applications

What a car with Nanostructures and Particles could look like.
Nano coating testing at the University of Houston’s Institute for NanoEnergy

Endless Opportunities:

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