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  • Anduril Industries

    Anduril Industries

    Anduril is a defense technology company building advanced technologies to solve some of the most important & complex national security challenges.

  • Yogya Kalra

    Yogya Kalra

    15 y/o figuring things out

  • Archie Shou

    Archie Shou

    Grade 10 Student In Toronto

  • Anupra Chandran

    Anupra Chandran

    17-year-old biology researcher, whose goal is to build tech that changes the way we prevent/diagnose disease. This is where I share my insights!

  • Marcus Chan

    Marcus Chan

    I’m an 18-year-old autistic student who is super passionate about stocks, tech, writing, and more!

  • Faith Inello

    Faith Inello

    Innovator at The Knowledge Society. My ambition in life is to mitigate the symptoms of neurological conditions through research in exponential technologies!

  • Noel Hurst

    Noel Hurst

  • Manasi Gajjalapurna

    Manasi Gajjalapurna

    AI, women’s health, and education | a collection of my thoughts | manasigajjalapurna.com

  • Aryan Kota

    Aryan Kota

    AI | Productivity | Startups

  • Nikhita Srinivas

    Nikhita Srinivas

    17 Years Old- Passionate about FemTech and Gene Editing- TKS

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