Hey Sandeep! I’m a 16-year-old currently working on some code right now using the Google Vision API for OCR using Node.JS. I followed this article: https://medium.com/google-cloud/using-the-google-cloud-vision-api-with-node-js-194e507afbd8… by you to do most of it. I’m having some errors right now and was wondering if you’d be open to send over some updated code.

The issue is that gcloud is decrepitated now and the code you have supplied here: https://github.com/thesandlord/samples/tree/master/cloud-vision-nodejs… doesn’t work anymore. Since I’m a new developer, is it possible for you to send over the updated code for index.js that works with @google-cloud instead?

Feel free to email me: alishbai734@gmail.com


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