How I Drifted Away with the Flow.

😍My favorite place on earth.
A relatively real representation of my journal.
Me 90% of the time at school.

The Fantasy of Flow

Here’s how you know if you’ve entered the flow:


What’s Really Happening When we Enter Flow?

Doing something challenging that you’re skilled at? You’ve got a good chance of entering flow.
for example, me eating food.

Peek of Flow — childhood

Yes, that’s right. Flow is at it’s peek when we look like this (aka our childhood).

How School Disrupts Flow

The Elements of Flow — And how to bring them to life

Self Control: Focus on Willpower

Environment: Find a Novel and Exciting Space

Skills: Practice Deliberately to Bring on More Flow

Break things down.

Task: Connect To a Clear Purpose

Reward: Don’t Look for Extrinsic Motivation

Find Your Own Flow

I’m Alishba Imran.

I’m a developer & innovator who enjoys building products and researching ways we can use AI, Blockchain & robotics to solve problems in healthcare and energy!

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