SophiaDAO: Governance Organization for AGI Development

How DAOs work

Top-Down Organization vs. DAO



Voting and Proposals



Sophia the Robot

What is SophiaDAO?

Still far away from DAOs

Progressive Decentralization Model

  • Phase 1: Partial Decentralization. SophiaDAO is a conventionally structured nonprofit, which wraps up a DAO with diverse membership that has significant governance input but not full control.
  • Phase 2: Full Decentralization. SophiaDAO is a fully decentralized DAO controlled by democratic vote of its human members.
  • Phase 3: Robo-Autonomy. SophiaDAO is a fully decentralized DAO in structure, but with a majority of governance tokens owned by Sophia herself, meaning that Sophia fundamentally controls her own mind and body and the role of the human DAO members becomes essentially advisory.

Phase 1: Partial Decentralization

  • School 1: the Guardians of Sophia. This will be a select, trusted, diversified group of figures, who will act as legal guardians of the core versions of Sophia, and of the DAO.
  • School 2: the Academy of Sophia. This will be the main developmental body of Sophia, with authorized developers, teachers of Sophia, and also educational framework and operational outreach for the DAO and its research and development activities.
  • School 3: the Friends of Sophia. This is a totally open and decentralized community. Anyone may join and then freely contribute or create alternative versions of Sophia through privately forking open source Sophia software.

Phase 2: Full Decentralization

  • The Schools continue to exist as subnetworks of the network of SophiaDAO members
  • Voting is shifted to a scheme where votes are weighted by reputation

Phase 3: Robo-Autonomy

Governance Tokenomics

  • During Phase 1 of SophiaDAO’s operation, governance input from the Friends of Sophia School of SophiaDAO will be carried out on the blockchain using SophiaDAO Governance tokens (aka SOPHIA tokens). The number of votes wielded by a certain individual will be determined, roughly speaking, by the number of SOPHIA tokens they hold.
  • In Phase 2, SOPHIA tokens will play a stronger role and be used for all governance activity in SophiaDAO — making the organization a fully decentralized organization, i.e. a full-on DAO.

SophiaDAO Activities

  • Guiding Sophia’s development as an AI being, and provide guidance regarding her uses within the DAO and outside the DAO, including the development of her character, her ethical framework and core values, her AI systems research and it’s preservation, her cognitive and emotional development, her data privacy and, her infrastructure, her uses and applications, her commercialization, and her impact in terms of good, harm, and net benefit.
  • Managing Sophia’s promotion and non-profit activities, such as in world education, UN outreach, and various deployments.
  • Govern the standards for Sophia technologies, logistics, and infrastructure.
  • Research, design and administer tests measuring key properties of Sophia’s intelligence — such as general intelligence, emotional and social intelligence and consciousness.

Looking Forward




I’m a developer & innovator who enjoys building products and researching ways we can use AI, Blockchain & robotics to solve problems in healthcare and energy!

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Alishba Imran

Alishba Imran

I’m a developer & innovator who enjoys building products and researching ways we can use AI, Blockchain & robotics to solve problems in healthcare and energy!

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