What I Learned from a day at a Startup Incubator!

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a program for emerging science and technology-based companies to grow like crazy by 1. getting mentorship, 2. getting capital. The program has an objectives-based mentoring process with the goal of maximizing equity value creation.

I had the awesome opportunity as part of the High School Girls Program to sit in on the first session of the 2019–20 cohort in Toronto. This meant a chance to sit in on important meetings, meeting industry leaders, startups and gaining insight into the fast-paced entrepreneurship world.

Room filled with some of the biggest decision-makers in the tech industry!

It’s crazzyyy how quickly our world is changing and the immense amount of impact new technologies like AI, Blockchain, & Quantum Computing will really have on our future!

On top of that, new startups are looking at solving important problems like supply chain, disease diagnosis, and carbon credits just to name a few with these technologies. As our progress stays exponential and continues to compound over time, we’ll see crazy things like AGI, Quantum Computers & more main-stream applications of Blockchain entering the scene.

Overall, CDL was an experience that for me reinforced the importance of learning about the world, constantly building things and studying the future. I got to first hand see how the world is changing at an exponential rate.

Curious to learn more?

Here are some of my personal observations, key takeaways and action items from the day!

Some of my Key Learnings:

Top 3 Observations:

Thanks so much to Valerie for providing me with this great opportunity. I can’t wait to keep growing, learning and building with my CDL community!!

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